The much awaited re-release is finally here!

Starship Rules CoverIf you are looking for an exciting, laser-blasting, torpedo-firing, fighter-launching kind of spaceship combat game, then you've come to the right place!

Unlike other space combat games on the market, Starship! is played in a real, three-dimensional environment!   Ships gain and lose altitude with the use of the Battlepole ©, "flying" through six different flight bands as they maneuver into position before erupting with a barrage of devastating weaponry!

Ships are classed by size in Starship, with Size 1 being the smallest and Size 5 being the largest.   Size 6 is reserved for Starbases, immense constructs with tremendous firepower.   Size 1 ships are small scout ships, fast and maneuverable but without much longevity in a head-to-head battle.   On the other end of the spectrum, Size 5 ships are mighty dreadnoughts, capable of wrecking havoc on smaller, less well armed and protected ships!   It is the larger class ships that dominate the battles in the world of Starship!

And what weaponry there is:     Disruptors, Graviton Guns, Ion Cannons and Photonic Mortars just to name a few!   If that isn't good enough for you, then there are missiles, six different types of torpedoes (including energy torps), three fighter classes and three types of mecha!

Some Fighter pieces >>>

Starship! is a game with a real anime feel.   The action is intense as small Class 1 ships dart about while the ponderous but powerful Class 5 Dreadnoughts turn space into a death zone with their batteries of guns.

But that's not all Starship! offers. . .   There are rules for campaigns, customizing your own space faring race, and designing your own ships!   It's everything you need in one package!


Fleets for Starship!

The original intent behind Starship! was to create a system that would work well for any sci-fi space combat genre.   While the focus was on being able to "recreate" anime-style space battles, it was important that players be able to recreate battles from their favorite series, movies, books, etc.

<<< An EMC SS5 Superdreadnaught

To that end, the rules include many ship design options, allowing you to build ships from just about any sci-fi universe.   The campaign system also supports this "play it the way you want" ideology.   The bottom line is that, while we have started a "Starship! Universe", you do not have to play in it if you would rather play in a universe of your own, or someone else's making.

We currently produce two fleets for Starship!:   The S'Tang and the EMC.   The DARC have been discontinued for the time being until they are resculpted.   The EMC are humans who have taken to using cybernetic enhancements.   This has separated them from the rest of humanity, including the DARC.   While not necessarily evil, EMC society is seen as being oppressive by others.   The S'Tang are aliens, and are described in full in the Starship! rules.

Here's something important to remember when playing Starship! or any of our other games:



There are many great ranges of models and toys out there suitable for use with Starship!   If you already have a painted fleet and really like the figures - keep using them!   The Battlepole can be adapted to just about any figure with a minimum of work, so you should be able to use any but the heaviest models with our rules (really heavy models are not suitable for the Battlepole).

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